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A bit of info about me...

Well, my name is Zec Murphy (Hence the name of my site), although on the net I normally go by the
username S301 (Or a few different versions of it). I
live in Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia. I'm currently
the Helpdesk operator (and community support
assistant) for N3V games, who produce the train
simualtor "Trainz".

My main hobbies are Trains, Trainz, MSTS, Star Wars (I have over 100 of the books), 3D artwork
(creating 3rd party content for Trainz, plus general
3D stuff), my model railway (I mainly model in HO
scale, although I have played with a few other
scales),and photography. My Trainz creations can
be viewed else where on this site as can my model
railway and my photographs. I currently use a
Canon 7D with a number of lenses, including Zeiss
50 and 35mm lenses. I also use a Minolta SRT-101
film camera, with a variety of lenses, mainly using
black and white film.

I'm also avolunteer at Puffing Billy, mainly at the Menzies Creek Museum assisting with restorations
and the redevelopment of the museum.

I'll probably keep changing this as time goes by, adding stuff, removing stuff, changing things, and
probably even re-writing it.



©Zec Murphy 2013