Victorian Railways DD Class 'Type 1' Pack

Compatible with: TS12, TSMac2
Compatible with both PC and Mac editions

Victorian Railways DD class (Type 1) 4-6-0 pack in Green (2 versions), Canadian Red, Works Grey, and model railway Brass, in broad and standard gauge versions. Each of the five locomotives features Victorian Railways 'peanut' whistle, and a range of scripted features including automatic numbers, cab windows, cab roof vent, weather tarp and more!

For Multiplayer compatibility, you will need to purchase this DLC pack separately from the Trainz Store.

Full Details

Constructed between 1903 and 1920, the Victorian Railways DD/ class locomotive was designed as a mixed traffic locomotive, with capabilities of also hauling mainline passenger services. Eventually numbering 260 members, the 'D series' locomotives were constructed by both the Victorian Railways and outside locomotive builders, including the Phoenix Foundry in Ballarat, the Baldwin Locomotive works in the USA, and others. Over time, many of the class were rebuilt or modified with superheaters, larger cylinders, and larger boilers, which in turn lead to the introduction of 'sub classes', these being 'D1' (original DD class locomotives), 'D2' (superheated, with larger cylinders), and 'D3' (larger superheated boiler and electric lighting). 

The DD class locos also saw a number of variations in the early years of the class, whith this pack representing the 'Type 1' variants of the class.

The 'Type 1' DD class locomotives had low running boards, with 'splashers' over the wheels and crosshead guides, along with a narrower cab similar to those used on previous Victorian Railways locomotives. The DD class wore a number of liveries through their lives, with the first 3 variants arriving in the VR's 2 tone green, and with DD 560, the class leader, also receiving polished dome, brasswork and boiler banks. The DD class then wore the 'Canadian Red' livery, which included white lining and chocolate 'background'. From the 1920s, the Victorian Railways painted all locos in plain black, which all surviving 'D' series locos received.

The models feature five liveries, with both prototypical broad gauge (5ft3in), and fictional standard gauge (4ft8.5in) gauge locomotioves. The liveries included are 2 tone green V1 (DD 560, with polished brasswork), 2 tone green V2 (DD's 582/584 with simplified livery and painted over brasswork), Canadian Red and Chocolate, Works Grey (fictional), and Unpainted Brass (Fictional). 

  • VR DD Class - T1 - Two Tone Green V1 (DD 560 with polished brasswork)
  • VR DD Class - T1 - Two Tone Green V2 ( DD582/584 with simplified livery and painted brasswork)
  • VR DD Class - T1 - Canadian Red and Chocolate
  • VR DD Class - T1 - Works Grey (fictional 2 tone grey livery, based upon 'works grey' livery in builders photos)
  • VR DD Class - T1 - Brass (fictional brass livery, based upon polished RTR Brass model trains)
  • 10 locomotives, in 5 liveries, in broad gauge and standard gauge.
  • Each livery has its own weathering, and detail differences as necessary.
  • Full LOD on main meshes and bogies.
  • Animated screwlink couplers, brake hoses/taps, and safety chains using 'ACS'.
  • Scripted Marker Lamps and Tail discs, with 'glow lamps' - compatible with the 'VR Set Train Lamps' driver command.
  • Animated cab windows, cab roof vent, weather tarp, smokebox door, and tender tank filler lid.
  • Full custom interior view, with operational controls.
  • 'Physique' based coal load animation in tender, giving realistic deformation as coal is used.
  • Automatic Numbering Script.
  • Snow mesh, using the 'snow altitude'  function in Trainz.
Install Instructions
  1. Open the confirmation email (may take up to 48 hours to be sent)
  2. Download the 'rar' file from the download link in the email
  3. Use a program such as WinRar or 7Zip to extract the cdp file(s) from the rar
  4. Drag and Drop the cdp file into the Trainz Content (content manager) window
    In Trainz Content, click on File, then on 'Import Content File', then select and 'open' the cdp file
  5. If any assets show 'missing dependencies', right click and click on 'list dependencies recursively'
  6. Right click on any assets that are shown as 'available for download', and click on 'download'
  7. Click on the drop down box at the top, and click on 'Open for Editing', then select all assets and click on 'revert to original' or 'revert unsubmitted edits'
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