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Freeware Downloads by ZecRail for Trainz

Below you will find a list of items that I have created for Trainz. This list covers only items that have been released, and shows
only items for TS2009 and newer. TRS2004+ items have been
left out. All freeware releases can be accessed via the
Download Station, under the username "S301". Over time, I will
create pages for these items, which will include download
station links for them. Until this time, they can be found by
entering the name into the Download Station search. All
locomotives and rolling stock use a naming convention based
around the company name then the class, then series/type,
then gauge. Some may include 'van' or other descriptives. To
search for a 'W' car, enter 'VR BW' or 'VR AW' or equivalent.


VR F class 2-4-2T
VR K class 2-8-0 - #103


VR T class (Series 4) BO-BO (TS2009/TS2010 only)

Passenger Rolling Stick

VR American Saloon Carriages - Bogie
VR 58ft W Cars - AW, ABW/ABU, BW
VR G 'Carriage' Trucks - 6 wheel
VR A/B Carriages - 4 wheel
SAR Country Passenger Stock

Freight Rolling Stock

VR Type 4 M Cattle Wagon - 4 wheel
VR WT Water Tank Wagon - 4 wheel
VR WT (DW) Water Tank - 4 wheel
VR/ICI Liquid Chlorine Tank Wagon - 4 wheel
VR OT Oil Tank Wagon - 4 wheel
VR Type 2 U Louvered Van - 4 wheel
VR KMQ Flat Wagon - 4 wheel
VR M/MB Cattle Wagons - 4 wheel
VR QB Well Wagon - Bogie
VR T Insulated Van - 4 wheel

Guards Vans

VR Z Guards Vans - 6 wheel
VR CW Guards Vans - bogie

Service Stock/Ways and Works

VR N Ballast Plough - 4 wheel
VR QN Ballast Hopper - bogie
VR N Ballast Wagons - 4 wheel



©Zec Murphy 2013