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My creations for Trainz Simulator

Here you can find my freeware creations for Trainz Simulator.
Please note, all downloads require access to the Download Station, and hence require a Planet Auran account with a
Trainz serial number registered to it.

You can find all of my payware releases for Trainz here.
The link will take you to the 'ZecRail' section of the
Simulator Central website.

Here you can find a series of tutorials that I either host, or
have created, for Trainz. These tutorials are mainly focused on
content creation for Trainz.

I can also take on commissions for Trainz content. The prices
will vary depending on what is wanted, and how much research
is required by myself, and if the item is to be released as
freeware or payware. Please contact me if you wish to enquire
about commissioning a project. Please keep in mind that the
larger the project, the longer it will take. I also will generally
only take on Australian projects, as these are what I am most
familiar with.

All new items that I create are produced for TS2009 or newer. The minimum version number required will be indicated on the
'The Shed' page. I attempt to provide models that give both
good performance in-game as well as a high detail level. As
such, many items make use of normals maps, baked shadows,
LOD (level of detail) meshes, and in some cases will use
mesh libraries to enable the sharing of common parts.

©Zec Murphy 2013